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Answers to Frequent Questions

The flavor! Our customers are amazed and delighted by the great flavor of grassfed beef. In addition, there are Health and Enviromental Benefits

This is one half of an animal. A whole steer weighs about 1150-1250 pounds. After processing, this amounts to approximately 360-400 pounds of meat, or about 180-200 pounds of meat for a ‘side’. Learn more

We insist on dry-aging our beef. Our local processor has been in business over 40 years and ages the meat using the ‘swinging beef’ process rarely practiced anymore. This method ages every cut giving the meat a deep concentrated flavor.

We are fortunate to have a USDA facility just 5 miles from the farm. The short travel time means less stress on the animal. Stress drains the intra-muscular fat or ‘marbling,’ from the animal. ‘Marbling’ is critical for tender, juicy meat.

We offer a discount on the purchase of a side of beef. This is the most economical way to purchase our beef and gives you the greatest flexibility in getting the cuts you want.

You will need 12 to 14 cubic feet of freezer space.

We take cash or check. We are not set up to take credit cards.

It is frozen in individual cryovac packages. This type of packaging will maintain freshness for two years or more in your freezer.

While we are not “certified organic,” we do not use antibiotics or hormones. We do use “best practices” for both the animals and the land.

We are a small family farm and believe in selling locally. We have a store on the farm where you can buy individual cuts of beef. Sides of beef are ordered in advance and sold throughout the summer and fall. The meat is purchased and picked up at our farm. Several local stores carry our products.