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History of the Farm

Mack Brook Farm covers over 300 acres in Argyle, NY, situated between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The land was purchased in 1928 by Kevin’s grandparents. Kevin was born and raised here, as were his two sons. Each of them has a home on the property, making this a working fourth-generation family farm. This was primarily a dairy farm until 2003, when we decided to make the change to beef cattle.

Argyle was a Scotch land grant and attracted immigrants from Argyll, Scotland who found the land very similar to their Scottish homeland. Choosing to raise Angus cattle made sense, as this is an environment that is comfortable for them.

However, grassfed genetics have been weakened and almost bred out of commercial Angus. Kevin’s interest in genetics led us to a closed herd of Aberdeen Angus brought over in the 50’s. Our current bull is a great-great-grandson of one of the original herd Sires from Scotland.

Our emphasis on good genetics is what gives Mack Brook Farm beef the superior flavor and marbling our customers enjoy.

We sell our pre-cut beef from our on-farm store and welcome visitors.

kevin and karen, owners of the mack brook farm